Announcing Brainihack 2015!

Brainihack brings together developers, designers, neuroscientists, makers and artists for a weekend of developing with the interfaces of tomorrow.

Brainihack 2015

Get your hands this March on cool technologies like brain computer interfaces, 3D-printers, motion and gesture control and more at Autodesk’s new Tel Aviv office. Join fellow hackers and tech innovators like Emotiv, OpenBCI, InteraXon and others to develop with cutting-edge technologies.

Come enjoy food, drinks, and a chance to win great prizes!

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Brainihack & NeuroGaming Conference

Join us at The NeuroGaming Hackathon!

NeuroGaming Brainihack Hackathon

Get your hands on cool technologies like brain computer interfaces, motion and gesture control, virtual reality and more at the NeuroGaming Hackathon!

Join developers, designers, makers, tech innovators like Emotiv, NeuroSky, LeapMotion, OpenBCI and others to develop with the interfaces of tomorrow.
Come enjoy food, drinks, and a chance to win over $50,000 in prizes!

The hackathon is organized by Brainihack as part of the NeuroGaming Conference.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST register here in order to attend.

Brainihack 2013 Recap

Brainihack aims to explore brain computer interface technologies and foster a community of hands-on enthusiasts around this emerging field.

Brainihack 2013 hosted 150 hackers, neuroscientists, designers, makers, artists and entrepreneurs for a weekend of developing apps for Brain Computer Interface devices.

Brainihack Brain Hack
15 teams presented and competed in the grand finale (read about them here). And the winners are:

1. Miyagi – Learning Enhancer
Ever tried studying for an exam and found your mind wandering instead of reading the material? Miyagi is here to solve your pain! It helps students concentrate as they’re studying while wearing a BCI. The system sits on your browser and visualizes your focus / attention while you’re studying (as a brain that gets full when you’re focused, and empties down as you lose focus). Once you’ve lost focus it will pop up related content in video format, e.g. a Coursera video.

Miyagi Learning Enhancer

2. Mind your poem
Write poetry with your mind. This art piece uses a BCI headset to read your brainwaves, creating a tag of words that are formed into a poem, visualized and printed out on paper. From concept to physical artefact.

Mind Your Poem

3. “Tifsuni” – a hand-slapping game catcher
Know the hand-slap game? This fun application detects when one player is about to slap his foe, and signals with an audible warning so the other can avoid getting hit. Check out the video of Tifsuni’s development process (and some of Brainihack in general) below:


Miyagi, who won the #1 spot won an Enobio device, worth thousands of Euros, courtesy of Starlab / Neuroelectrics.
The 3 finalist teams all got a Muse headband by InteraXon + free entrance to the BrainTech Israel conference + a stage to present their project at the conference. They all attracted a lot of attention and have already gotten both people from academia as well as investors to start a conversation with them.

Above all, what was so amazing about this event was we started a community of brilliant people from diverse fields, all interested in brain tech. There definitely is going to be another one – everyone’s asking for it. So stay tuned! :)

Brainihack Finale