The final competition will take place Saturday, Mar 14th, 4:00PM.
Groups will have 5 minutes to present their projects – only working demos, no power point!


Join the hackathon for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  1. Winning team will get an Enobio headset + Muse headband
  2. Top 4 teams will get a Muse headband
  3. Special OpenBCI prize: Team with best open-source project will receive an OpenBCI board with electrode starter kit
  4. Special Neurosteer prize: the team with the best Neurosteer-based project will receive a Neurosteer device

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Judging Criteria:


  • Is the project unique or a different take on an existing / similar idea?
  • What makes the project special?
  • Is the idea behind the project creative? ambitious? positive?


  • Does the application / game demonstrably work?
  • Is the technical achievement considerable considering the time spent on development (whether weekend only or longer)
  • Does the implementation and user experience serve the idea well?
  • Does the project presentation convey the idea and process behind it well?


  • How large is the market for this product?
  • Will it have a potential impact on people’s health & wellbeing, the gaming industry or wearable devices market, or any other meaningful contribution to the world?
  • Does the project stand a chance in the real world? Will it cater to an audience outside of the hackathon?

Each member of the judging panel will score the projects based on these criteria, but ultimately the decision for the 3 winners may differ from the scores.